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Disclaimer: Information is for individual education. Treatments are to be approved by each individual's physician of choice and are intended as an adjunct to medical treatment.  For serious health issues, please consult your physician.

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These machines are a combination of physical therapy, isotonic and isometric exercise. There are 7 machines, which use a motorized system to facilitate active assistant exercise,  these tables will firm and tone muscles resulting in inch loss, increased mobility, circulation and overall energy when you use them 2 to 3 times per week. The best part of these machines is that you only need to do 8 to 10 minutes per machine, 2- 3 times a week to get great results. You will not sweat, you don’t need to change your clothes or shower when done. 10 reasons why you need to use our machines. A complete workout without muscle strain 900 kickbacks, 2 mile walk, 90 situs, 100 hip rolls and a massage in only 70 minutes Tone and slenderize without adding bulk improve circulation and mobility No joint strain creating a pain free workout Reduce inches, cellulite and toxins built up in the muscle and lymph system Anyone can do it Increased energy level improving your metabolism Strengthen muscles See results in as little as three weeks coming 3 times per week.              No Membership fees!      No contract!      Any Fitness Level!   The Only Commitment Is You! Single Persons  Per  Visit: $4        One Month Unlimited $25        Two Month Unlimited $45 Family Visit: $3 each     One Month Unlimited $20 Each   Two Month Unlimited $40 Each  
As with any new exercise plan, you should consult with your health care provider before joining a toning table program. If you have a health condition like high blood pressure, arthritis or diabetes, take extra care when using the tables due to higher heart rate and risk of injury, just like with other exercise programs.
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